Research is underway for a new documentary about Australia's most famous racehorse, Phar Lap. It will focus on his ill fated-fated voyage to America in 1931, the treatment and return of his remains to Australia and New Zealand, and the subsequent creation of the Phar Lap Legend.

The makers of "Phar Lap: The Making of a Legend" are seeking your help in providing materials which will give greater understanding about the circumstances and events of this final journey.

who was phar lap?

Phar Lap is Australia’s most famous racehorse. He was a champion who won not only the best horse races in Australia, but also the richest race in North America... more

phar lap’s final journey
– the story

This new documentary will examine in great detail the events surrounding Phar Lap’s journey to America in late 1931 until his ‘triumphant’ return to Australia as a legend a year later... more

the search is on …

The search is on to discover more about Phar Lap and this final journey, and you are invited to be involved in this historic treasure hunt... more

Photo courtesy of Museum Victoria